Hi, my name is…

Ebony Louise Barrett!

What does the community mean to you?

It means so much to me. I made my magazine BonBon to help others like myself find a sanctuary and safe space in a world where we aren’t considered the “norm”. You don’t often see Kawaii/Pastel fashion in your everyday community, so BonBon acts as a bond for like minded Harajuku lovers. People who aren’t a part of the community tend to think we dress for others, when in fact most of the time, it’s the opposite. Dressing in any style of alternative fashion—whether it be kawaii, lolita or gothic—is usually just a reflection of the person inside, and their styling is simply a product of their interests and values.

Tell us about BonBon!

BonBon is a tri-annual magazine for those who choose to live life in full colour. It is specifically aimed at the pastel, kawaii subculture in the West who can’t necessarily access the content and fashions from Harajuku. Each issue recommends new kawaii influencers/bloggers within the community along with incredibly gifted artists, illustrators, photographers, and stylists creating pieces that reflect the world of cute. The theme of issue one was all about introducing pastel colours into your work wardrobe. The latest issue is all about celebrating how beautiful pastels and kawaii fashion look on darker skin tones. [I]ssue two is there to show that absolutely everyone is welcome to kawaii culture.

Any last words?

Both issues of BonBon can be purchased online along with coordinating posters and stickers! I look forward to hearing from more members of the community.




Images courtesy of BonBon magazine.

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