Hi, my name is…

but everyone calls me Domi!

Please introduce yourself.

I moved to Japan around 6 years ago just to practice my Japanese (studied back in Poland). I started working here then realised that a normal job was kinda boring for me so decided to enroll into Bunka Fashion College. Long story short, from dreaming about being a designer I realised that what I liked the most was not working on the clothes but working on creating images while using clothes, make-up etc. So, now I work in a creative agency and freelance as a stylist.

What does fashion mean to you?

I have been thinking a lot about it recently, and I think it means a few things. Firstly, it is a way to communicate; by being conscious about your fashion choices you can influence what other people think about you, for example, you can communicate your hobbies. So, personally I find it very difficult to live without a big closet full of different clothes, because I often change my style depending on my mood or current interest. Secondly, it is a way to escape reality and create my own world or community. It’s made meeting people with similar interests so easy for me and helped me to find a community to which I feel I belong here in Tokyo. By working with these people on the images we want to create with fashion, we can make our own world.



Tell us about your stylist!

I feel like I still have a long way to go, I have been styling for only 2 years now and started kinda by an accident. At first, I just wanted to make good pictures for the clothes that I was making at Bunka, then my friend from Poland (she’s a photographer) wanted to take some pics and use clothes made by Bunka students so she asked if I would be interested in helping her out. From that point my interests shifted from designing to styling.

The work itself is very fun, I enjoy working with different teams on different shoots, of course there is also a physical part. I need to pick up clothes, iron them, pack them etc. but I just like the energy when you gather as a group of people with one goal and you all just do your best and when you are shooting you forget about the outside world and just focus on how to make the photo look the best.

Any last words?

I think many people are afraid to chase their dreams, and express themselves through fashion. We feel pressure from trying to be successful, have a “proper” job or fulfil other people’s expectations—especially if you’re working in the creative industry. Your parents don’t always really understand what you are doing (haha) and they may sometimes complain. But in the end, you will find people who understand you. It’s the same with The COMM. Even if you don’t live in Japan but are interested in its culture and fashion, The COMM is building a community where you can feel connected with others through it.



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1. Portfolio: Photographer, Soichiro Okano; Model, Lo (vithmic); MUA, Yuka Iseki; Hair, Ishiwata Bisaki | 2. Portfolio: Photographer, Solene Ballesta; Model, Kio & Kai (Exiles) | 3. Styling: Matthew George Sperzel; Model, Fangmei Zhang; MUA, Tou; Hair, Kenta Uchinokura | 4. Gata Magazine Editorial: Kent Nagayoshi, model: Kana Tsutsui | 5. The COMM Online Editorial: Photographer, Wataru Otake; Model, Seika; HMUA, Hinata Yamaguchi | 6. Contributor Magazine Editorial: Photographer, Lola Banet; Model, Sou (Bellona); MUA, Mariko; Hair, Tatsuya Suzuki | 7. NEWONCE magazine Editorial: Photographer, Yan Wasiuchnik; Model, Ishizawa Yuna; MUA, Kyoka Susa; Hair, Kenta Uchinokura
Featured image courtesy of Fashionsnap.

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