Hi, my name is…

Daniel but I’m better known as Creep-P.

What does the Japanese street fashion community mean to you?

It honestly meant a world of enlightenment for me. I was just a gay scene kid in some random town in New Jersey that was always surrounded by color. Around the age of 19 I started to really collect things for my fairy kei collection, which I still have pieces of to this day!

I remember one day, I dressed up in a poorly cut bob wig my friend made that they never used, dollar store hair clips, my one 6%DOKIDOKI ring, gold tights, and so many necklaces just to go to a convention. I still think about how I finally looked in the mirror and was SO happy with what I was wearing, the colorful guy that was inside finally came out. Later on, I just turned up the saturation and really decided to pull out what I could do.



Tell us about your music and upcoming album!

So, for years and years, I EXCLUSIVELY used Vocaloid. As of July 17th, I retired from Vocaloid and vocal synth music works to pursue my own vocal work! I tested the waters with my newest song R.I.P. and it received such a wonderful response!!

My 2nd album, the name will be kept a surprise, is absolutely chaotic. I decided to take a more “mature” route with this album, and allowed basically whatever stupid thoughts I had spill out, whether it be sad, erotic, or just plain dumb. It takes a huge turn from what I originally made, and has a bit more of an obvious EDM-influenced sound. It has bits of Dubstep, UK Garage, Synthpop, House, and even more. I’ve taken so much criticism and am trying to take it as seriously as possible, even though the entirety of this album is anything but.

Any last words?

Besides thanking everyone reading, I want to remind everyone that we will be okay. COVID-19 will be over soon and Black Lives STILL Matter. And don’t you ever forget that. Lift up the black voices, especially black trans voices and vote if you are able to. For God’s sake, please vote.


Images courtesy of Creep-P and Smella Catshine.


  • 10/12/2021

    Hello I’m Annalysa and I love you and your music


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