Hi, my name is…

Alicegriffs and I am a creator from Belarus!

I have been working as a photographer in Shanghai since I moved. Since I was very young I was into Japanese and Asian culture, so that has had a big impact on my work till now.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion for me is a tool and [where I can meet] like-minded people. It is a tool because with it you can express your vision of beauty and views of this world. Like-minded people because the visual component is very important for me, it is in a fashionable society that you can find the same people.

Tell us about your editorial!

This project was inspired by the Alice in Wonderland story. This story is super well known so in our shoot we wanted to create something different and with a Japanese magazine vibe. So we decided to mix photography and 2D art illustration.

Usually, in creative collaborations [there is] a producer, art director, and photographer and I try to give space for every creator to express themselves in their work.

For illustration, we collaborated with the incredibly talented fashion illustrator Kseniya who I met on Instagram. I just shared my vision with her and she did [the most] incredible illustrations. The project was shot in Shanghai.


Any last words?

Express yourself and trust yourself!




Photographer: Alicegriffs (@griffs_production)
Model : Yuzhu Mei (Paras Model Agency)
Makeup artist: Cindy Dee (@cindydeemua)
Illustrator: Kseniya Chernikhovskaya (@kseniya_chernikhovskaya)
Stylist: Faye, Li
Assistant: Qiu Meng (@qiumeng21)

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