Happyunbirthday (Tori )

Bold prints and big hair are a huge part of Tori’s eclectic Cyberpop style. Her colourful clothing proves that you can make rave wear, everyday wear. If you needed some inspiration as to how to inject colour into your wardrobe, or are looking for a way to mix up texture, take a look at Tori’s instagram! She also creates artwork that is equally as colourful and trippy as her fashion style. Her personality is larger than life too, maybe even bigger than her hair!


Who/what is your biggest inspiration for your personal style and the clothing you design?

AH! So I have kinda a list between classic video games, 90s Club kids, contemporary drag, and of course j-fashion! All early 2000s through 2010 are my favorite years of j-fashion and actually Cyberdog’s shop girls!

Nowadays it’s all Instagram! There are so many incredible individuals on there that just fully blow away on the daily :,)

It’s really fun to study how street fashion diffused through the years and how it evolves from people experimenting !!!

How has your style changed over time?

Well A LOT actually! I went from emo/scene to full OTT Sweet Lolita in high school! I feel like being so into Lolita fashion really helped me become critical of my coords in all my outfits!

Then it wasn’t until I got into college I really explored my own style between Cyberpop and Decora!

Honestly I’m always trying to improve and have fun with my looks ~! It’s so exciting to see how people’s styles evolve (even if mine is kinda embarrassing haha~)

We know you love horror movies, but do you have any personal horror stories? Any paranormal experiences?

BOI I am FULLY blind and deaf to spirits. Like everyone in my family has all these wild ghost stories because my mom was an antique dealer and collects oddities (thats a story for another day!) But I can fully play with a Ouija board at 3am at a graveyard on Halloween night under a full moon and nothing would happen to me!  I’m obsessed with ANY thing horror-related and I’m just cursed to never experience any paranormal shenanigans!!!

I want to believe!!

If you only had one day to spend in Japan, where would you go and what would you do?

I want to say Harajuku or Shinjuku but high key I would kill to go to Akihabara for a maid cafe then to spend every last penny on plushies and arcades (and then visit the Kawaii Monster Cafe if I had time to travel there)

Apart from fashion and makeup, what are some of your hobbies? Anything particularly unexpected?

See I fully share everything I do online (I literally posted to my Insta story while I was typing this *cough*cough*) so I can’t imagine I could surprise anyone anymore ^u^; !

But if anything, I have a deep love for ancient history (like fully prehistory BC!) and also I’m pretty good at dancing from 3 years of belly dancing ;3

What are your future goals and dreams? Any last words?

AH well I’ll be happy if I can get a job that lets me support myself and like 15 cats with room to travel!

But I will say for those reading this that it can be hard being true to yourself when we as people crave acceptance from others. But just know that when you put yourself first and surround yourself with supportive loving people, you will be able to find your happiness from within and be able to have that freedom to express yourself fully!

Thank you again~!!




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