Just next door to Kōenji, Nakano can also be reached via the Chūō line. Take the North Exit to discover all the fun!

Nakano Broadway is fast becoming known as an otaku haven. Don’t be confused; otaku does not just mean an obsession with manga and anime—it is an obsession with anything and everything! And that’s certainly what you’ll find in Nakano Broadway. The shops contain goods for retro toy lovers, manga fans, art enthusiasts and more.

Each level in the Broadway has a Mandarake—a manga and anime shop that was established in Nakano Broadway but now has shops located all over Japan. Here you will find not only manga, but rare, vintage collectors’ items. That Sailor Moon transformation brooch from the 1990’s that you’ve been searching for? You might just be in luck if you pay them a visit!




A great feature of this district is the endless supply of izakayas (Japanese-style pubs) which line the streets just off of Nakano Broadway. At night, the area is lit up with flashing signs which creates a buzzing atmosphere. If you’re looking for something cheap to eat and drink with a large group of people, Nakano is a great place to go. The choice of food and atmosphere is not limited to that of the standard izakaya either. In amongst the cheap eateries you’ll find themed restaurants and regional delicacies.
















As always seems to be the case in Japan, there are indie brands tucked away in all corners of the Broadway. Even within the Broadway, finding your way around can be a bit tricky! Use the map on each floor to navigate your way around. The brands are from both ends of the style spectrum: from vintage, cute pastels to more mature, darker fashion.

Our advice: Come for the fashion and figurines, stay for the cheap food and buzzing atmosphere.


  • 23/10/2020

    need a little walk in Nakano Broadway now!


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