What do you get when you cross a subculture fashion and an engineering degree… Gyaruden! The pair, Kyoko and Mao, bonded over their love of bright lights and over-the-top clothes to form the unit Gyaruden. Kyoko, a former pole dancer, electrified her dancer outfits to make them light up and stand out from the crowd. Mao, who has an engineering degree, discovered her love for gyaru fashion while growing up in Thailand. The two met and quickly began spreading their love of gyaru and electronics!

Flashy is the perfect way to describe the gyaru style and the accessories of Gyaruden, so the shoot location had to be the flashiest place in Tokyo: Akihabara! Blending in seamlessly with the neon streets, Gyaruden’s style showcases a perfect amalgamation of fashion and technology.


Models: @galdenshikousaku
Photographer: @misa_kusakabe
Shoot direction:
Assistance and BTS photography: @anna.boat.prem

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