Gyaru Idol Group From 2000 Disbands

On 18 March, gyaru idol group, From 2000, announced that they would be disbanding after three years together. Their final performance is scheduled for 31 March. With their Eurobeat-inspired sound, and style made up of revealing clothing and heavy make-up, From 2000 stood out against all the other idol groups. Their disbandment will be a big loss for the idol scene.

Ao-chan, Maachirin and Runa decided to call it quits after realising that they would be unable to replace the members who had left. From 2000 was a venture by members of Shibuya-based gyaru circle, Black Diamond. The group concept concept was “2000s gyaru transported to modern-day Japan” and they brought para-para dancing, flashy gyaru style and a high-energy Eurobeat along with them! Their most popular song, “Choberigu Lucky♡Day”, even has a para-para dance routine that will be a great pick-me-up when you’re suffering from a bout of COVID-19 lockdown boredom.



If you’re bummed that you won’t be able to see them in the flesh before they break up, don’t be! Runa will be appearing at fetish bar, Decabar S in Shinjuku, so head down there if you’re looking for a tourist-friendly place with a fun open-minded atmosphere and cute, scantily-clad staff. And don’t forget! The girls are still a part of gyaru circle, Black Diamond and those chicks are always up to something interesting. The gyaru circle will be offering one-on-one Zoom time with fans on their website Shaberigu (loosely translated as “talking is good”) for a modest price.

We wish the ladies the best of wishes on their new journeys!


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Written by Emmie.
Featured image courtesy of Ganguro Cafe.

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