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It’s the little things that complete an outfit.

This month we are mainly focusing on the Yami Kawaii style, and many of you may be wondering what you can do to achieve this kind of look. The concept of Yami Kawaii is to look “sick cute”, with medical motifs and heavy under-eye blush as the main features of this style. Yami Kawaii comes as a counterpart to Yume Kawaii (which means “dreamy cute”). Yume Kawaii is the softer, more pastel version of the style. Yami Kawaii doesn’t have to be all dark colours either—as long as you have some “sick” motifs, your outfit will be perfect!

For a full Yami Kawaii outfit rundown, check out this site!

We aren’t always able to get our hands on the exact items to make up an outfit (who has a syringe necklace lying around?), so here are a few simple accessories we think will really amp up your Yami Kawaii look!



Chokers have always been a staple item for darker fashions—think punk and goth. They can also easily be incorporated into a Yami Kawaii outfit. Perhaps opt for a thinner band or a clear band, as anything thicker will overwhelm the outfit. Yami Kawaii’s look isn’t as “strong” as punk so accessories won’t be so flashy and huge. We went for a clear choker with a padlock that actually unlocks! This way you can wear the choker in different ways for different looks.



You need something to hold up your socks and garters are a great way to do that, and lend to accessorising with something a little unexpected to your ensemble. Something as simple as a single coloured band, or similar to the garter shown here, is a great addition to the outfit. The wings on the garter make it a little cuter, too. The outfit needs to strike a balance between the Yami and the Kawaii! One leg, or both—either should do the trick!


Over the knee/thigh-high socks

Over the knee and thigh-high socks have always been considered “kawaii” but how do you make them “sick cute”? The best way is to find some with a few familiar motifs, like syringes and pills. Pop a few of those on and you’re good to go!


Which of these will you incorporate into your Yami Kawaii outfit? Show us your Yami Kawaii outfits on our Instagram with the hashtag #thecommoffline!


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