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Presenting Lovecore, the cutest and most romantic internet aesthetic! The style was born on TikTok, (of course, what fashion trend doesn’t come from TikTok these days!) and soon spread to the feeds of Y2K instagrammers and “aesthetic” accounts. So we’ve put together a list of some key pieces you need to achieve the perfect Lovecore look for all the hopeless romantics out there. Don’t worry, one day you’ll find your perfect match(ing set).


Image courtesy of @hungryhipsters.

Pink + Red

Let’s start with the foundational colours for the perfect Lovecore look. When it comes to colours associated with love, no colours work better than pink and red. Pink suggests romance, while red is a bit more va-va-voom. Mix them together for that perfect lovey-dovey blend!

Of course there’s always room to add more colours to the palette, perhaps a bit of white or black, but stick to pinks and reds to stay true to the essence of Lovecore. Instagrammer @hungryhipsters went with a half and half look of a pink and red cardigan and mask, and a red beret. It’s really simple, but really effective!


Image courtesy of @gnome.princess.

Hearts, hearts, hearts!

Heart motifs are an absolute must when it comes to this style—it is called Lovecore after all! You can never have too many heart printed items in your Lovecore look. Our advice: try to mix and match heart sizes and designs. Just look at this outfit by @gnome.princess with hearts from head-to-toe! Her outfit has mini hearts, big hearts, cut-out hearts—all kinds of hearts!


Image courtesy of @elizabethwhibley.

More hearts, hearts, hearts!

But don’t stop there! You absolutely have to add some more hearts at any and every opportunity! We always want more, more, more when it comes to Lovecore! Another great look is this set from Elizabeth Whibley’s collaboration with Jade Clark. It features a gorgeous, graphic heart print in Whibley’s signature playful, pop style. With its bold lines and prints, this collection gave us serious Powerpuff Girl vibes. Wear a full matching set for a straight flush!


Image courtesy of @strawberryskies.


Lovecore is definitely one of those styles that makes ample use of accessories for that extra bit of cute. And a perfect addition to your look is a beret! Adding a classic, pink beret is a cute way to top off your romantic co-ord! But why not go the extra step and swap the classic for an unconventional but totally Lovecore piece? This pink heart-shaped beret from Strawberry Skies is the epitome of Lovecore. Put it on and you’ll instantly feel like the Queen of Hearts!


Image courtesy of @swankiss_official.

Lace + Frills

What’s your perfect outfit for a date? Perhaps something dreamy and soft? Sounds like a great time to put together that elegant Lovecore look you’ve been waiting to wear! A ribbon in your hair, a lace collar or a tulle skirt will add that flawlessly feminine touch to your co-ord. Check out Swankiss, the Larme kei brand in Shibuya109, for a bit of lace and frills! Each of their pieces add a touch of maturity and femininity to your wardrobe. Put on their sheer floral socks or puff sleeve top and you’ll be living your ideal romantic fantasy.


Do you feel ready to show off your Lovecore look? Share your outfit with using hashtag #thecommoffline!


Written by Choom.

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