Gen Zee-girl

1995: Windows 95 had been released, Jumanji was a box office hit, and a new generation—baby Gen Z—was emerging. Internet culture created a desire for tech as well as nostalgia, sowed the seeds for a new fluid mindset, and sparked an online fashion revolution. With Tumblr, young Millennials gave us Vaporwave and Seapunk, and now with TikTok Gen Z is giving us the e-girl. Or should we say the Gen Zee-girl! While millennial subculture styles could be seen on the streets of Brick Lane, the e-girl was born online and stays online 24/7. Honestly, have you ever seen an e-girl—freckles, blush, winged eyeliner, and signature kawaii neo-grunge co-ord—in real life? She’s equal parts sharp edges (Billie Eilish) and soft tones (Belle Delphine). She’s Hello Kitty with a switchblade. She’s the Gen Zee-girl.



Photo editing: using PicsArt app
Instagram filters: Stickerswave @flasho_d, Frame Paint @ilustragabs

Written by Choom.

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