Gals! Return to Shibuya 109!

Shibuya is known for three things: Shibuya Scramble, Hachiko and gyaru. With all its stylish boutiques, Shibuya was the stomping ground for this subculture of ultra-glam, ultra-fashionable powerhouses.

Many people got their introduction to gyaru culture through shōjo manga, Gals! Written and illustrated by Mihona Fujii Gals! follows self-confessed “Queen of Shibuya” Ran Kotobuki, and her fashionable friends as they go through the trials and tribulations of being outspoken teens in a conservative society. The original manga ended in 2002 but was brought back by author Mihona Fujii as Gals!! in 2016. And now there’s a Gals!! x Cecil McBee pop-up at gyaru central, Shibuya 109!


Image courtesy of Mihono Fujii.

A ton of gyaru brands have disappeared from Shibuya 109 in the last 5 years so the gyaru scene is delighted with the upcoming collab between this iconic manga and Cecil McBee. The collection includes: two pastel-coloured, calf-length asymmetric chiffon dresses with frilly sleeves, a floral jumpsuit, T-shirts and a canvas tote bag. Not exactly the pieces we expected from a collaboration between two gyaru icons! In fact, the only whisper of gyaru in the entire collection is a “leopard” two piece that resembles summer pyjamas. Of course, longevity of any subculture is its ability to change with the times, and almost any piece of clothing has gyaru potential if the hair, make-up and styling are on point. But this collection somewhat misses the mark.

The Gals!! x Cecil McBee pop-up runs until 19 July in Imada Market on the BF1 floor of Shibuya 109. The collection is currently available for pre-order online. And there are also illustrated goods featuring the original characters worth checking out!


Image courtesy of PR Times.


Written by Emmie.
Featured image courtesy Animate Online.

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