FRUiTS Yearbook Volume 1

We love collecting magazines, don’t you? Get ready to add one of the most famous Japanese street fashion publications to your bookshelf!

FRUiTS, the most well known publication to ever document Japanese street fashion, has released a photo book made up of snaps hand-selected from the original magazine by founder Shoichi Aoki. The book, titled FRUiTS Yearbook Volume 1, is a compilation of photos taken during 1997 (the first year of publication).



FRUiTS Yearbook Volume 1 is available on the magazine’s English website for $14.80. There’s also an eBook which can be bought and downloaded for a cheaper price of $9.80. But we would rather have a print version, wouldn’t you?

The Yearbook was made in 2013, but it hasn’t been accessible to international audiences until now. Volume 1 suggests there will be a Volume 2, and maybe even 3! The magazine was in publication for 20 years so there are definitely more photos that can be made into a print book.



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of FRUiTS.


  • 02/02/2021

    Great news!!
    I’m hurring to visit the FRUiTS site <3


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