FRUiTS magazine official English release

Witness the beginnings of all your favourite fashion styles from Japan. The cool kids are back! 25 years after its release, the first ever issue of FRUiTS magazine is being released with an official English translation. Get ready because these 85 pages are filled with pure fashion nostalgia!

The magazine will be available as a digital download and includes street snaps as well as interviews. Read the full interviews with designers Lica and Masahiro Nakagawa of the iconic brand “20471120”, and shoe designer Mihara Yasuhiro, for the first time in English! Even the captions on each photo detailing the names of brands and salons have been translated.


Image courtesy of FRUiTS magazine

Image courtesy of FRUiTS magazine


Get your hands on the issue that started it all, exclusively from the FRUiTS website. And don’t worry because this is only the beginning, as the full run of FRUiTS magazine is scheduled to be translated and released. Will there be a print issue? For the moment it is just a possibility, so here’s to hoping!


Written by Choom.

Images courtesy of FRUiTS magazine

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