FRUiTS IS BACK!! FRUiTS x SNKRGIRL Snap Event Celebrates the Return of FRUiTS in 2022!

Ever wanted to be featured in Harajuku’s most famous magazine? Well if you’re in Tokyo you can! From its various collaborations and most recently branching out into NFTs (not a very popular move!) FRUiTS magazine has been gaining momentum. SNKRGIRL is a site for women into sneaker culture. You heard them, Yeezys aren’t just for the boys! It’s an unexpected collaboration but nevertheless an interesting one! Best of all, this event is to celebrate the fact that the legendary magazine will be returning in 2022! After being out of print for 5 years, the magazine will be back to bring you the best of Harajuku.

At the height of its publication in the 90s and 00s, FRUiTS frequently held street snap gatherings which brought together fashionistas from Tokyo (and sometimes farther!) who wished to be featured in the magazine. Rather than wait around in Harajuku to be spotted, you would go to the specified area at the set time to have your picture taken.


Image courtesy of FRUiTS.

The snap event will be held on 12th February from 12:00 to 15:00, behind the police box on Omotesando near the Ralph Lauren store. It’s a vague location but Harajuku frequenters will definitely know the spot! The pictures will be taken by Aoki himself and shooting will start as soon as the first person arrives. Pro tip: since this is a collaboration with SNKRGIRL, your chances of being featured in FRUiTS will be more likely if you wear trainers.

Looks like there are cool kids to photograph after all! Are you looking forward to the magazine’s return?


Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of SNKRGIRL.


  • 19/02/2022

    After their delve into NFTs, FRUiTS is a no from me.


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