Flower Power

New year, new volume! But that’s not the only thing that’s new at The COMM. Check out this fashion story submitted by photographer Tommy Vo, and model “Momo” Morgan McKendry. Keep an eye on our Instagram and website for more opportunities to have your work published on The COMM!

Picture a forest nymph framed by flowers and butterflies—she is glowing, ethereal and at ease in nature. This spirit of the forest allows her image to be captured on only the rarest of occasions. She’s the vision of a modern Renaissance painting; illuminated by unnatural lighting in a peculiar setting. Be quick to catch a glimpse, for this nymph must soon disappear behind the veil from which she emerged.



Model: @slimebubble
Photographer: @tommyvobot
Shoot direction: @slimebubble @tommyvobot

Written by Choom.

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