Flora Fortuna

New year, new volume! But that’s not the only thing that’s new at The COMM. Check out this fashion story submitted by designer, artist, and champion of sustainable practices Manon Marguerite. Keep an eye on our Instagram and website for more opportunities to have your work published on The COMM!

One day when the air is putrid, when the water runs dry, when the trees cry out and the seas choke, when only the few can enjoy what is left of earth’s natural beauty—we will package that, too. We will package that beauty in our god plastic and wear her, our home, our planet, in shameless victory.

This work explores the current and future state of the fashion industry’s conflict with nature and natural resources.



Model: @manonmarguerite
Photographer: @manonmarguerite
Model wears: Original creation by Manon Marguerite using recycled plastic and dried statice

Written by Manon.

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