Finally, Gen-Z’s gotten the classic high school drama they deserve! HBO’s Euphoria is a show that captures the world through the eyes of a group of teenagers trying to make it through a high school dominated by dating apps and Juuls. With fun-lovingly embellished fashion and glitter-laden makeup, the leading ladies of Euphoria play with their identities in order to figure out who they want to be. Here, our Editor-in-Chief Choom and model Sefa play Rue and Jules respectively in a shoot mimicking the same melancholic, drug-filled daze of the show.



Location: Kita-Senju
Models: @cozypony
Photographer: @misa_kusakabe
Shoot direction:
Make up: @miku_shigeyama
Assistance and BTS photography: @anna.boat.prem
Sefa wears: Pink shirt and rainbow crop top @daddy_and_themuscleacademy

Written by Katie.

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