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Sustainability is currently a major buzzword in the fashion industry. From big companies to indie labels, everyone is making the push for sustainable and ethical practices. The concept of sustainability in fashion is relatively new to Japan but online select shop Enter the E is at the forefront of this movement. The COMM was invited to talk by Enter the E on the future of sustainable fashion, and the part they will be playing in bringing sustainable brands to Japan.



The owner of Enter the E, Tomomi Uetsuki, led the talk. Explaining that she had been a fashion lover for ten years, Tomomi found herself consuming and buying more clothing than she thought necessary. Tomomi questioned her constant consumption and decided she could no longer live that way. After doing some research on the fashion industry and discovering the unethical practices that occurred, Tomomi was spurred on into effecting change.

Europe has proven to be the pioneers of sustainability, with Finland and Germany leading the way. And so, Enter the E has been importing their stock from Europe while Japan catches up. Tomomi introduced some of these brands, and explained what made their practices sustainable. For example, Black Velvet Circus, a German brand, creates their garments from deadstock materials. Their speciality lies in creating co-ords that can be mixed and matched. Paris-based brand, Les Récupérables, uses vintage curtains and tapestry to make their clothing. Each brand in the Enter the E select shop aims to be 100% sustainable in every aspect of their process, a difficult task of course! When it comes to sustainable brands our minds immediately turn to dull colours, and materials such as cotton and hemp. However, we found a range of colours and prints that would easily fit with any alternative wardrobe! We recommend Humpries & Begg for wild prints and Kings of Indigo for their comfortable and simple coordinates.



Enter the E has regular pop-ups around Tokyo, so check them out if you’re in town. Alternatively, take a look at their website and Instagram for more information.



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Enter the E.

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