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Welcome to Issue 1 of Volume 5: Ultra Nostalgia

For this issue, The COMM is revisiting its subculture roots. Our COMMunity is built on the backs of those who came before us and made their mark in Japanese street fashion. From brands, to models, to shop staff, they all played an important role in creating the fashion that we love today! So, we ask the question: What started it all? And how did these styles come to fruition? Tracing the exact origins of subcultural style will be a tricky task, but we’re up for the challenge!

Many of us have come to know Japanese street fashion for styles such as gyaru, Decora and Lolita. It was through these styles we developed a love of Japanese street fashion and its culture. But behind the elaborate frills and vibrant colours, the origins of these styles are often far more complex than you may think. With intersecting narratives and conflicting accounts of how-it-all-went-down, pinpointing a single point of origin was not as easy as we anticipated. You see, fashion isn’t created in a bubble and the influences on Japanese street fashion are far wider reaching than just Japan.

From this issue we decided to introduce a new series called “The History of:”, a comprehensive summary of an important part of Japanese street fashion, for example a style or location. Of course we can’t know it all, but we definitely did our research, and hopefully you take away something you may not have known before!

We hope you enjoy this issue’s in depth and slightly more nerdy approach. We love a bit of research! Don’t forget to share your favourite style and show us your COMMunity spirit with the hashtag #thecommoffline on Instagram!



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