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Welcome to Issue 6 of The COMM!

What is Neo Trad (Neo Traditional)? If you have a quick Google you’ll mostly see it associated with a style of tattoo. But Neo Traditional also comes in the form of architecture, music—and in my opinion—fashion. Usually by placing an unexpected twist on something classic and recognisable, Neo Trad is all about having a new take on something that’s been done before.

Neo traditional style is like Cyber style—a glimpse into a possible future. But with Neo Trad, you have to look back before you can think about moving forward.

When we think of traditional Japanese fashion, doesn’t kimono immediately come to mind? The patterns, colours, and sleeve-length may vary but the traditional silhouette remains the same. Anji of Salz Tokyo (who will be featured in this issue!) mixes modern prints with traditional patterns, while Takuya Angel (featured in our Cyber issue) added his cyber, futuristic spin to the garment. There’s so many ways to update a kimono look—whether deconstructing it, or mixing the kimono with modern pieces!

You could also say Lolita fashion is Neo Trad, as it’s a new take on Rococo fashion. Or Antique/Cult Party Kei, which is a vintage look reminiscent of historical fashion trends. There are so many ways to renew and refresh traditional clothing! Fashion trends change so quickly, so sometimes we have to look to the past in order to create anew.

What period of history would you want to see return in fashion?


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