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Welcome to Volume 2: Issue 2!

We thought we should branch out and explore other styles in the scene, so in this issue we’re experimenting with streetwear—a subculture at the other end of the street fashion spectrum. Brands like Off-White, Undercover, WTAPS, and more are staples of this style. Streetwear is getting mainstream attention like never before, with major designer labels taking inspiration from the streets and incorporating it into their collections. The general public may not be able to identify the who’s who and the what’s what of streetwear subculture—just like any other niche community—and so the subtlety of detail may be lost on them. Maybe you’re thinking that streetwear is just a hoodie, t-shirt, and trainers—nothing super exciting about that. Sure, the basic components can consist of just that, but the devil is in the details. A zip here, an extra pocket there, add some accessories and a bag and BAM! Instant fit. But streetwear doesn’t have to be so casual either. Streetwear is rebranding as a luxury style. Off-White, Yeezy, and Y-3 come at a high price. Just as regular high fashion brands are making you pay a pretty penny for craftsmanship and finer details, these major streetwear labels are following suit.

I’m currently experiencing a shift in my personal style, no doubt by the influence of those around me. Colourful prints being thrown out in favour of understated logos; high fashion branding instead of bargain delights. The mood has shifted on the street and I along with it. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of the times or a sign of my age (mid-twenties is the new mid-thirties—just kidding!!) but I’m moving away from the excessive and elaborate to more of the minimalist styles that are being seen on the streets today. Not to say either one is better, but it’s apparent that the more muted styles are in vogue. And as much as I try not to follow the crowd—whether mainstream or alternative—I wouldn’t be human if I wasn’t indirectly influenced by trends around me.

In this issue we will be featuring some influencers of streetwear, the shops that supply the clothes, designers, and more!

Of course, these aren’t the styles we usually represent here at The COMM but we believe it’s absolutely essential to experiment, learn, and therefore grow within your own fashion journey.

So we’re here to help you along the way with some fashion tips, information, and of course visuals. We want to show our COMMunity members that there is no single way to dress in Japanese street fashion, and maybe you’ll learn something new along the way! In this issue we’ll be featuring people and designers who interpret streetwear in their own way. It’s just as diverse a subculture as kawaii street fashion, so we want to represent it in the same way we represent the kawaii community.

So whether you’re an insider, new to streetwear, or even new to The COMM—we have something for you!



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