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Welcome to Issue 3 of The COMM!

This month’s theme is Kawaii Revolution! We will be exploring fashion trends from years past, right up to the present day!

Trends on the streets of Tokyo change day to day, and it’s hard to keep up. Often individuals change their fashion throughout the years, their sense of style growing with them. Some change their style completely and others evolve and reimagine their style, making it more personal and refined. It’s exciting to think of what street styles will be created next, and also what people within the community will do with their creative talents. More often than not they channel their creative talents not just into fashion but into other creative mediums, too. As featured in this issue, Yuka, who started as a ShopGirl for 6%DOKIDOKI, now takes inspiration from her fashion background to create stunning performances. Meanwhile, Izzy (Shining Day) creates music which emulates her dreamy fashion style!

The meaning of “kawaii” and what is considered “kawaii” is as fluid as the evolution in fashion trends. “Kawaii” doesn’t conjure up an image of girly, pastel clothing worn by bright-eyed girls sporting pink hair. The meaning is loose and more tied to an individual’s perspective of what they think is cute. Of course, the word still holds true for the soft, pastel image we tend to associate with it but it is in fact an all-encompassing term. From grunge fashion to plain shirts and wide leg trousers, this word covers it all!

Let’s enjoy the Kawaii Revolution!

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