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Welcome to Issue 2 of The Comm!

The theme of this issue is Harajuku Now! We want to take a look at current trends in the fashion district of Harajuku, and how its street fashion is being showcased abroad!

The small area of Harajuku is bursting with creative talent—from designers, artists, journalists, models, you name it! Young people are the real movers and shakers of this place. Being known as a fashion hub, many people flock there to make a name for themselves and be ‘seen’—whether it’s through street snaps that will later be published in magazines or online, or as shop staff in the many niche boutiques. Some fashionistas garner fame quickly and then disappear just as fast as they popped up onto the scene, while others manage to stick around and build their brand.

Overseas, has inspired many young creatives to express themselves through their fashion and take this inspiration into their daily lives. Although they may not physically be in Harajuku, the spirit of Harajuku is within them… kinda cheesy right? But still so true!

Also we have an announcement!

The Comm is all about bringing everyone together and we want to encourage discussion and positivity! So, from this issue forward we will be introducing an opinion piece in which you can weigh in your thoughts. Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to write what you think in the comment section. Each month’s discussion topic will be revealed at the end of the month! Also, make sure to comment on our regular posts as we would love to hear your thoughts!

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