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Welcome to Issue 2 of Volume 5: @ima.gram

We are focusing on the NOW. What is happening in street fashion, right here, right now?

What does @ima.gram even mean? Splicing together the Japanese word for “now” (ima) and everyone’s favourite app, Instagram, we tried to capture the feeling of what it’s like to exist in the 21st century. Everything has to be done in an instant. An online purchase? I want it now! A new trend? Wear it now! A new picture? Post it now! Actually, wait until the best time for the algorithm.

In recent years, Japanese street fashion has become more known to a wider and more international audience. Thanks to social media and forums, people are able to connect with others thanks to their shared interests. It also meant that once new trends arrived in Tokyo, it wouldn’t be long until you’d see it on the streets of London. With this new connectivity, the community of street fashion lovers has grown exponentially.

The internet, and in particular TikTok, has also caused the trend cycle to spiral out of control. The second a new trend is picked up by mainstream audiences, the next week it’s considered passé. Noone can keep up! I mean, does anyone remember lovecore style? With this rapid trend cycle, the more organic grass roots style of fashion evolution has practically been made redundant. With that, there is arguably a loss of the true essence of what makes fashion, fashion!

What do you think about the internet’s impact on fashion? Leave a comment, send us a tweet and join our COMMunity with the hashtag #thecommoffline.


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