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Welcome to Issue 4 of Volume 3: Dark!

At The COMM we’re known for showcasing the bright and colourful, but what about the weird and wonderful? In this issue we’re embracing the dark side of the community!

Absence of light, hidden from knowledge, wicked—the word “dark” is nuanced. In the context of fashion, it doesn’t necessarily mean the colour black. Leather, latex, gothic motifs, or anything that doesn’t quite fit the mold all make the cut. Many in the Japanese street fashion community use dark styles to express themselves in the same way others use colour. Instead of rainbows and sparkles, think studs and crosses!

The community provides a sense of belonging for those who cannot conform to society’s rules.

Dark can also be about resistance and reaction. The feeling of not fitting in with mainstream fashion is, unfortunately, why a lot of us come to this niche community. Most of us feel restricted by what others expect of us—and so we rebel! The community provides a sense of belonging for those who cannot conform to society’s rules. At the forefront of this resistance are dark styles like punk and goth. They go against the norm; they wear their rebellion and sense of alienation like a badge of honour.

Part One is called Get Spooky. For some people, embracing the spooky in one’s aesthetic isn’t just reserved for Halloween—it’s a year-round mood. From witches, to vampires and fairies we’ll show you why the occult is not just for October! Witches have been particularly dominant in pop culture in the last few decades. No longer represented by the old crone, the millenial witch is fierce, fearless and powerful! Get Spooky will also feature those who aren’t afraid to push the creepy aspect of creepy cute in their style. What fun are frills without a few spikes in the mix?

Part Two is Goth Goth. What’s more goth than Goth? When the Instagram hashtag #goth was taken over by non-goths, #gothgoth was created to establish a space for true wearers of the style. In this part, we explore Goth in its various forms—Gothic Lolita, Traditional Goth, Nu Goth, and Japanese Goth. In the land where kawaii reigns supreme, goth is the antithesis to saccharine sweetness. Goth isn’t just about wearing black and listening to The Cure, this offspring of the punk movement continually challenges the mainstream.

In Part Three, titled New Wave, we look at “dark” redefined. In this new era of fashion, “dark” can be sexy, futuristic or art. Imagine that the film The Devil Wears Prada was actually a horror, and you’ll quickly get an idea of what we mean. We will also be exploring the concept of “strange beauty”, a new movement taking the community by storm! Influencers and models are no longer cookie-cutter, six-foot-something glamazons, they are unusual and quirky—and they are redefining beauty. In this whimsical world, body modifications and face paint are just as beautiful as a smokey eye and bold lip.

Whether you’re New Wave or Nu Goth, now is the time to shake off the cobwebs and get dressed up! Make sure to share your Dark-inspired outfits with the COMMunity using #thecommoffline! Don’t stay hidden in the shadows!



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