Ebony is a perfect example of the unique and creative Japanese street style fashionistas we aim to show off at The COMM. Hailing originally from NYC but now residing in Tokyo, Ebony combines New York cool with Tokyo kawaii. Much like My Melody and her counterpart, Kuromi, Ebony rocks punk just as well as she rocks pink! For this issue we’re especially obsessed with her take on pink fashion—she wears the cutest frocks, and as a Sanrio Puroland ambassador, combines her outfits with the most adorable plush toy accessories. She especially loves Hello Kitty’s best bud My Melody, whom she seems to embody with her adorable looks! Ebony’s Instagram contains some of the cutest (and pinkest!) places to eat and hang out in Tokyo. That’s right—even the food she posts is mind-bogglingly cute! Ebony embodies kawaii inside and out, and we can’t get enough!


Please introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Ebony! Spooky sometimes, girly sometimes, a princess all the time ? I’m from New York, but I work in entertainment here in Tokyo.

What does pink mean for you?

Pink represents my source of feminine energy. I spent most of my childhood ashamed of my interest in feminine aesthetics, mostly due to societal pressures insisting that someone who looks like me shouldn’t be soft or girly. Moving to Japan gave me an opportunity to really explore and embrace my feminine side, and I discovered that I adored pink! Specifically a more pastel, light shade of pink.

What are your future goals and dreams?

I want to produce fashion for people all over the world who love girly and sweet things, regardless of their size, gender, nationality, etc.

What about My Melody speaks to you?

My Melody is me in cartoon form lol. She’s kind to others, loves to eat sweets, and loves pink. Rabbits are one of my favourite animals so she’s literally perfect in my eyes.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into kawaii fashion?

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Experiment, mix and match, go thrifting, borrow clothes from friends, research in magazines and blogs—there’s so much information out there and tons of places online to find cute things. If you’re scared to wear it outside, practice wearing it at home. Strut and pose in front of the mirror until you believe in your heart that you’re cute! Then you can confidently wear it out in public and nothing others say will bother you.

Top 5 pink fashion must-haves?
Pink bag
Pink phone case
Pink hair accessories (ribbons, pins, etc.)
Pink cardigan
Pink jewelry

How pink do you feel today?
On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say I’m about a 50 today ???


Location: Ikspiari
Model: @ebunnybee
Photographer: @misa_kusakabe
Shoot direction:


Written by Katie.

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