When you think of a “cyber” brand, you instantly think of Cyberdog. Born from the minds of ravers in the 90s, the style blends rave culture and infuses it with futuristic motifs. When you enter the brand’s flagship store in Camden—proudly guarded by two giant robots—you immediately enter a trippy cyber world of neon flashing lights and loud thumping music. The staff, known as Space Cadets, are all Cyberdog and alternative fashion lovers and their outfits always provide a major source of inspiration to those looking to enter the cyber world. The style can seem a bit daunting and extreme but recently, the brand has produced clothing that is still brightly-coloured but totally wearable—like jogging bottoms, hoodies, and leggings! These items may sound basic at first but can totally be worn with a cyber twist!

And the brand is not just limited to clothing for adults—there are children’s clothes and even homeware, so the whole family and home can feel futuristic, too! Every weekend, the shop hosts DJs to do live sets for the customers and has dancers on stages above the shop floor, so you feel like you’re at a rave rather than in a shop!
In the basement, you can find “Futurelovers”, the adult section of the brand, which has latex fashion, fetish accessories, and adult toys. On the weekends there are pole dancers, too. But please remember that this section is 18+ only!


Image courtesy of Fashion Insight

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