Chika Takei

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Chika Takei’s illustrations of women and girls are feminine, fun, and pop with colour. Her talents translate fluidly from one medium to another: from canvas to clothing, her illustrations are really eye catching! You may have seen her art already and not even known it! She’s worked with Lazy Oaf, Tokone tights and TBS as a set designer for a variety show. She has also appeared on another show featuring the comedian and designer Naomi Watanabe. We asked Chika a few questions to get to know the artist behind the cute illustrations!

Why did you become an artist?

I’ve always loved drawing. But I didn’t think that drawing could lead to a proper job so I went and got an office job. But… I still loved art so I began drawing again.

What influences art?

You’re asking about the influence of art on society, right? I think that art influences society by enriching people’s minds.

You have worked on fashion branding, advertising and, of course, solo exhibitions. Which one has been your favourite?

There are so many I can’t decide! Okay, so from the projects I’ve been working on recently… I guess it would be set designing for TBS.


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What dreams or hopes do you have for your artwork?

I would be happy just to stumble across an opportunity that was beyond anything I could imagine.

What advice would you give to budding freelance artists?

It’s important to put your heart into drawing what you want to draw. This journey is a long one, so I think it’s good to take it with friends who you can stay the course with.

Any last words?

Just that I’ll also be challenging myself to create better works of art.



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