Chamu Boy

Fashion and art share significant similarities—both disciplines grant us the opportunity to express ourselves creatively. In this shoot, Hiroshima-based creative Chamu Boy incorporates vivid primaries with cartoon illustrations to express an eclectic personal style grounded in art. Known for his hand-made laser-cut accessories, Chamu Boy can turn plastic into wearable gold. Whether it’s blush on the cheeks, a pair of pale green dangly earrings, an unknotted bow tie, or laser-cut neon glasses, colourful wild-child Chamu Boy is having fun with fashion—you won’t catch him looking stale during the apocalypse!




Location: Tachikawa
Model: @chamu.boy
Model wears: Accessories @chamu.boy x @lactoseintolerart, white long sleeve @lactoseintolerart, white trousers customised by @chamu.boy, primary colour set @vintage_kale1973 x @shelbillee

Written by Vania.

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