Celebrating 160 years with Louis Vuitton

Harajuku, home of thrift store x themed boutique mash-ups is going luxury! Louis Vuitton has opened its doors to showcase iconic designs from the brand’s 160 year history. The exhibition titled Louis Vuitton & is an insider look at the world of luxury. From one-of-a-kind collaborations to their signature monogram style, fans of the LVMH brand can visit the exhibition and enjoy some of the most memorable moments in fashion.

As soon as you enter the doors, you’re met with floor-to-ceiling Louis Vuitton graffiti. Not quite what you’d expect from a luxury brand, but fashion is all about breaking stereotypes. But, that’s only one of the 10 rooms you’ll find at this exhibition. Each room contains clothing, bags and accessories that display the highlights of the brand’s history. Notable works such as designs by Karl Lagerfeld, Yayoi Kusama and Kansai Yamamoto are featured alongside the classic monogrammed bags and luggage. There’s even an entire room dedicated to silk scarves! Fancy.



This exhibition, just like all exhibitions, has a gift shop waiting for you at the end. But of course being a high-end brand, expect some high-end goods. On sale are Louis Vuitton wallets, perfume, homeware and books, so make sure you come with your credit card ready to go!

The exhibition is free to enter and is open till 16 May. Remember, all tickets must be booked in advance so visit their website to reserve your time slot.



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Timeout.

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