Bunka’s Moving Its Culture Festival Online

If you’ve ever wanted to attend a culture festival at a Japanese school, now is your chance! This year, Bunka Fashion College is holding its culture festival as an online event. Rather than the usual 3-day affair held in Tokyo around November, the festival will be accessible online to people around the world from October to December.

You’re usually able to see students’ work in person, and ask teachers and experts about courses and fashion technology. Obviously that isn’t possible right now, so this year you’re invited to attend the festival and explore Bunka through a variety of online media. You can read interviews with current students where they are asked about their courses, life as a Bunka student, why they chose to study at Bunka. The university has also collaborated with street snap website Drop Tokyo to produce video interviews with a select number of students like kawaii lover Suzune who featured with her twin, Ayane, in our PiNK issue!



We know many of you are wondering where these fashion kids get their clothes from. Well now’s your chance to find out! Online market RE・TENT will be home to pop-up shops curated and produced by 2nd year students from the fashion distribution department. We recommend checking out Plastic Baby’s Club, Dapius and DWYL. These brands will be stocking a mix of kawaii and Y2K pieces that can level-up anyone’s wardrobe!

Will you be attending Bunka’s biggest event of the year from the comfort of your own home? Do you want this online side of Bunka’s Culture Festival to become the norm?


Image courtesy of DWYL.


Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of Bunka Fashion College.

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