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Introducing 3 Harajuku brands that you need to know!

We featured him as shop staff for the Harajuku shop Banny, but Hiroyuki is also the designer of fashion brand BDKMV Tokyo (short for Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe). The style of clothing is what’s hot in Harajuku and street fashion generally—that sort of ‘90s grunge with early 2000s glam. Chains are a huge part of this brand, chain necklaces, chain straps, chain belts. Chains are a heavy feature… literally. Style your BDKMV look with classic ‘90s style slogan t-shirt and slicked hair to get that perfect vibe.

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Have you joined the Peco Club? The brand by current it-girl Peco takes you back to the 80s in an explosion of bright colours. The style, commonly known as “American-style” is inspired by drive-in diners, Hairspray, Barbie, Glee, Care Bears, and anything from an American sitcom (think Full House). The familiar ‘80s motifs and colour-blocking are consistent themes, making this style instantly recognisable. The clothes are totally wearable—most Peco looks consist of a t-shirt and pleated skirt, and yet are so distinctive! A pair of chunky loafers or trainers are essential to pulling off a Peco look. Oh, and you may want to invest in some hair crimpers…

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Another brand by up-and-coming it-girl Aiba Runa is called RRR by Sugar Spot Factory, or just RRR. Colourful, kawaii, unique, and pop are four words that describe this brand. Taking popular street fashion items such as tracksuit bottoms, long suspender skirts, and dungarees, RRR converts these simple and super casual pieces into kawaii essentials. Sure, street fashion can be over the top and extravagant but more and more brands now emphasise “low-key cool”. If you can turn heads in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, then you can feel both confident and comfortable!

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