Boys in Pink

Pink is one of the few colours that is heavily associated with gender. The thought of pink usually conjures up dolls, frills, dresses—all things girly. But it might surprise you to know that pink was originally gendered as a boy’s colour! In fact, before the 20th century boys wore pink and girls wore blue. Somewhere along the way there was a push for pink as a “girl’s” colour, and with the advent of globalisation, the rest is history.

Now the idea of wearing pink is so heavily associated with all things girly that some men flat-out refuse to wear the colour. But times—and ideas—are changing. While it may represent all things cute, who says that cute things have to be limited to girls? And who says pink can’t be incorporated into different styles, like punk? Or streetwear? Get with the times people: boys wear pink!


Location: Yoyogi Park
Models: @buss.esan @kisara_washington
Shoot direction:
Assistance: @anna.boat.prem

Written by Katie.

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