Before and After Work

When you have a 9-to-5 job in Japan, your everyday routine is consistent. You wake up early in the morning, brush your teeth, take a shower, and get on the train to work. No talking. No eye contact. Just your phone and mind while you prepare for the 7 hours ahead of you.

After work, the perfectly constructed professional façade fades into the background. It’s time for the most traditional of all Japanese customs: the nomikai. These drinking parties with co-workers happen every single night, and usually end with Shibuya station becoming your bed for the evening. In this shoot, we juxtaposed Japanese corporate life before and after work—in style. Check it out!



Location: Kiha
Models: @miyabellamy @hanechica
Photographer: @misa_kusakabe
Shoot Direction:
Assistance: @anna.boat.prem

Written by Vania.

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