Beauty Call: Ruu

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bright, colourful, weird, or wonderful—the Japanese street fashion community is home to a wealth of creatives who reimagine themselves with their makeup artistry on a daily basis. Flower stamps, neon lips… a wicked black wing? Makeup transforms and redefines beauty, and Beauty Call is here to introduce and showcase some of the new faces within our community.

Meet Ruu,
a lover of makeup and Harajuku street fashion.

Please introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Ruu, from Mexico. I’m 23 and truly love makeup and Harajuku street fashion.

How did you get into make-up?

Around 6 years ago, I started with Halloween makeup. Later on, after learning about some J-Rock bands, I began exploring Harajuku fashion in depth and my style comes from there.



Please describe your look today.

I think my style could be described as a mix between shironuri and eroguro.

What does beauty mean to you?

For me, beauty is an art that causes feelings and triggers sensations just by looking at it. It’s perfection lies in all the small details.


Interview translated by Ismael.
Images courtesy of Ruu.

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