Beauty Call: More, More, More!

When it comes to rules in beauty, you may have heard of “less is more”, or “a bold lip or a bold eye, never both.” But of course, we love to break the rules! Here are three looks to leave you wanting more, more, MORE!!

The first look is your not-so-average business woman. She’s always online and on the go—answering an email mid-conference call while checking how badly the Instagram algorithm has ruined her engagement.

Combining fashion and food, the second look is serving you dango—a sweet Japanese dumpling—complete with bento food sticks and heart-shaped macaron hair clips—yum yum!

For look three, imagine a magical girl, mid-transformation, surrounded by lights and sparkles. That’s exactly what we wanted to bring to this look! Once transformed, she’ll be fighting evil and looking fabulous!



Model: @tokyokittendoll
Photo editing: @nfkimono
Nails: @narinascreations

Written by Choom.

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