Beauty Call: Kam

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bright, colourful, weird, or wonderful—the Japanese street fashion community is home to a wealth of creatives who reimagine themselves with their make-up artistry on a daily basis. Flower stamps, neon lips… a wicked black wing? Make-up transforms and redefines beauty, and Beauty Call is here to introduce and showcase some of the new faces within our community.

Meet Kam, a Maryland-based make-up artist
taking inspiration from anime and fantasy.

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Kam, I am a self-taught artist and MUA. I’m 20 years old and based in Maryland.

How did you get into make-up?

Well, I was already an artist so I was always looking for new ways to express myself. Growing up, I watched a lot of anime, cartoons, and fantasy-themed things so with make-up I also wanted to bring those things to life.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is whatever makes you comfortable in your own skin. If you can look in the mirror and think to yourself “Damn! I look cool today!” then to me that’s true beauty!



Images courtesy of @kamranmc via Instagram.

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