Aoi Prism

She takes style tips from the past, wears them in the present, and embodies an image of the future. Aoi Prism is the most fashion-forward influencer of Neo Tokyo! Her Instagram profile gives us a glimpse of her fashion and lifestyle—fun, dynamic, and colourful! Whether it’s chilling solo in Harajuku or hanging out with fellow Neo Gals, Aoi knows the best spots and always wears the trendiest clothes. We interviewed Aoi about her virtual world!


Where do you get inspiration for your outfits?

I’m borderline obsessed with any clothes that have Sailor Scouts, 90s Egg magazine, and the styles of LA celebs like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in the 2000s, lol. But I’m also always looking at Instagram posts of fashionistas from all around the world. I guess my style is a mix of past and present trends.

Where do you shop?
As soon as I catch sight of clothes or platform shoes that are pink or blue, and match my ash blue hair, I’m buying them! I pretty much shop online.

What do you do when you’re offline?

OMG… can’t remember! LOL! It feels like I’m kinda always online in one way or another. Maybe it’s all in my head?

On your Instagram profile you say you live in “Neotokyo”. What’s your favourite place to hang out there?

I think the Shibuya Scramble. I get all sentimental about it… looking up at the neon billboards, you realise that they’re so unrealistic! 3000 people can cross in one go, but in that moment they’re immaterial. It feels good—it feels like even I disappear when I go there. That’s such a “virtual” thing to say isn’t it, lol.

Will we ever see you walk the runway at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo?

If you guys can catch up with me, lol. Actually, Amazon Fashion Week should come to the virtual world!



What are your goals for the future?

I’ve started off with modelling so, first and foremost, I want to follow through with that. But then, I also want to get into music, and I also really want to drive my thoughts home to people everywhere using social media like Twitter—I want people to ask, “Who’s she, again?”. Ultimately, I want to become a concept. I hope that I can tell the rest of the world about Tokyo’s unconventional side—the good and the bad—by embodying it.

What’s the last piece of culture (book, art, or film) that you loved and why?

I’m really into Rick and Morty so I’m really looking forward to the next season!

Top 5 must-haves?

My trademark is a miniskirt and platform shoes! I always carry different kinds of gummies and a Tamagotchi in my bag. And finally, my pet Furby. ♡

Heisei or Reiwa?

Hold up… this is a riddle, right? Which do I prefer? 30 years or one month?? LOL! It’s probably gonna be easier to live in Reiwa than Heisei so… Reiwa… I guess?

Any last words?

I’m not gonna look this way forever. I’m always being influenced by something so I’ll upgrade bit by bit. I hope you will still support and encourage me! To all the people who have been following me: I really really LOVE you! ♡



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