8 Tokyo Spots For Your Very Own Romantic Cliche

The lights of Paris, canals of Venice…Pachinko halls of Tokyo? Okay, so Tokyo doesn’t seem like the most romantic city but believe us, there’s romance hidden underneath all the neon lights and skyscrapers. Whether you are single or taken, read on to find out about our top 8 romantic Tokyo hangouts.


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Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is definitely where the magic happens! Popular rides like Tower of Terror will have you clutching to your lover in fear, while Toy Story Mania will have you screaming in delight. Turn up the romance with a visit to the Blue Bayou restaurant. And of course, no trip to DisneySea is complete without matching outfits. So make sure to dress up, take lots of pictures, and create fun memories!



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Tokyo Dome City

For couples who want a bit more of an adrenaline rush, check out Tokyo Dome City amusement park. Ride the stomach flipping Thunder Dolphin roller coaster, do a bit of bowling or skate around the roller dome. There are a lot of fun but affordable things to do, so university sweethearts take note! (Plus, the view of the Tokyo skyline from the Ferris wheel is the cutest place to steal a kiss.)



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Urasando Garden

Urasando Garden is an old style Japanese townhouse that has been converted into rustic yet stylish cafés with communal seating. Located in the backstreets of fashion district Omotesando, this is the perfect place for fashion lovers to unwind after a shopping spree. The food is totally instagrammable, and the traditionally Japanese but architecturally contemporary backdrop makes for a perfect picture with your beau! Have Google Maps at the ready because this place is hard to find—but one hundred percent worth it.



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And People

Nothing beats a beautiful candle-lit restaurant, and And People provides that in spades. This exclusive spot is nestled in the uber luxurious postcode of Ginza. Ceiling-projected stars and divine dishes make your date just that bit more heavenly. And while the restaurant isn’t “couples only”, all seating comes in pairs so no third wheeling! Save this spot for an anniversary celebration or birthday and your loved one will feel truly special.



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Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden is one of Tokyo’s prettiest landscape gardens. Visit during cherry blossom season and we guarantee you’ll feel like you’re in an anime. There’s lush forestry and connecting trails to discover hand-in-hand. Fukiage Chaya teahouse along the pond’s north-western shore is a recommended rest area for traditional tea. This is a garden for outdoor enthusiast couples to get lost in.


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Tokyo Skytree

As the lift doors open, Tokyo’s sprawling skyline spreads as far as the eye can see. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji, and at night, the sparkling city gleams. This is your classic “look at the view and then look into your lovers eyes” kind of date. Sip champagne and dine amongst the stars at Skytree’s 345m above ground restaurant, Sky Restaurant 634. Avoid if you’re scared of heights!



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Nicknamed “Entertainment Island”, Odaiba won’t leave your date yawning. You can go to Joypolis, an indoor theme park, or take a picture in front of the life-sized Gundam statue. From Odaiba’s artificial beach, you can see Rainbow bridge. It’s glorious when lit at night! Take a walk along the beach, and get cozy in the sand, but don’t bother with the bathing suits since swimming is off limits.


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Ghibli Museum

Tucked in the cosy neighbourhood of Kichijoji is the Studio Ghibli museum—the studio behind Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle. You can become the heroic couple, Ashitaka and San from Princess Mononoke, or young lovers like Sheeta and Pazu. For long time couples, Sophie and Howl are the perfect choice. Just live the fantasy! Explore hidden details in every corner of the museum and hop inside the lifesize cat bus for a photo opportunity.



We hope this list gives you some inspiration but don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or Christmas to plan romance! Show your loved one that you care whenever you get the chance. Of course, there are many more romantic hangouts in Tokyo but we couldn’t possibly cover all of them, so let us know about your perfect date spots in the comments below.


Written by Ash.

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