7 Trends That Were Born Online

A community is a place we call home. It’s a safe space where we can meet like minded people who encourage us to take our favourite styles to the next level! In the last few decades, many styles have emerged from online platforms like Tumblr and TikTok. From Y2K to Fairycore, check out 7 of The COMM’s top picks for internet styles that help us create our safe spaces!


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1 Lovecore

Why wait for Valentine’s day when you can easily transform your entire wardrobe into an assortment of sweet treats right now? Lovecore celebrates Valentine’s day every day! With a cult following on social media platforms like Tumblr and TikTok, Lovecore is an ode to romantic nostalgia. From ruby red, heart-shaped bags, to bubblegum pink pencil skirts and frilly accessories, Lovceore embodies femininity, love and cuteness!


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2 Cottagecore

What’s green and fresh and could not be more unrelated to technology and modern life? Nature! Ironically, one of the most nature-oriented styles—Cottagecore—originated from Tumblr. This style is all about taking things slow and embodies an idyllic, pastoral life in a calm countryside. Imagine living in our favourite Jane Austen novel and enjoying tea in our own flower garden. Fashion staples include long, loose dresses, hand-crafted accessories and flowers. But, Cottagecore isn’t just a fashion choice. Flower pressing tutorials, Animal Crossing, farms and self-sustaining lifestyles are all a part of this online trend.


Image courtesy of Unpublished Zine.

3 Y2K

Get out your scrunchies, butterfly hair clips, and glitter eyeshadow—it’s time for the noughties! The years between 1995 and 2003 were all about optimism for the new millennium. Smartphones and social media didn’t exist, and fashion trends were dominated by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. From low-waisted jeans, to crop-tops and velour tracksuits, Y2K is a celebration of unexpected and bold fashion statements! It’s currently seeing a revival thanks to dedicated Instagram accounts dedicated to the aesthetic. But most of all, it reminds us to not take things too seriously and have fun!


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4 Soft Girl

Softness doesn’t equal weakness! Soft Girls embrace hyper femininity and a cute aesthetic in their own unique way. Soft Girl is all about self-care and being comfortable in what you are wearing because there is no greater proof of self-love than confidence! Staples include oversized jumpers, tartan skirts, hair clips and scrunchies. The predominant colour palette is pastel pink, baby blue and yellow. Society might see these colours as weak, but the Soft Girl emphasis on self-care and self-love makes this combination bulletproof!


Image courtesy of Hypebeast.

5 Vaporwave

Windows XP sounds, Sailor Moon, Nintendo64—feeling old yet? Add some pink and purple and we get Vaporwave! Originally known for its layered music from samples from the 80s and 90s, Vaporwave owes its current popularity to its unique fashion style. Printed T-shirts with panels of classic manga alongside a black and neon colour palette. Incorporating dystopian themes, Vapowave’s stylistic elements easily conjure a sense of nostalgia that we’re all here for.


Image courtesy of Aesthetics Fandom.

6 Light Academia

With the Pandemic, the world has been really dark recently. We sure don’t want to lower the mood even more by reading stories about brutal wars, poltergeists, or opera phantoms and toxic love! If you feel the same, don’t worry—The COMM’s got you! Light Academia focuses on lighthearted and uplifting (European) classic literature. Grab a beige blazer, white turtleneck, and some dress pants and head to our nearest library. Remember, it’s always worth it to invest time in your self-development! Surrounded by inspiring stories, and beautiful paintings, we can become the hero or heroine we were always meant to be.


Image courtesy of @doeneseya via Twitter.

7 Fairycore

Think of Cottagecore, but add some tulle and glitter! This style is all about pastel colours, animals, magic and fairy wings! Instead of growing mushrooms in your tiny garden, how about living in a mushroom cabin? Fairycore transforms your life into eternal spring and we’re here for it! Style your hair with soft beachy waves, add some freckles, and frolic barefoot through an enchanted forest. If you ever wanted to make your fairytale dreams come true—this is your chance!


These are some of our top picks for online fashion trends. Let us know about your favourite style below!


Written by Stefanie.

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