6 Things You Need For Space Travel

At one point or another, we will probably all be living on the final frontier. It may even be aboard the USS Enterprise and much like the sci-fi franchise there will probably be some universal fashion choices. Ranging from DIY chic supplies to classic sci-fi, we at The COMM have chosen some pieces that definitely shouldn’t be left on Earth!


Image courtesy of Fashionista.

1. Holographic Everything

In recent years, holographic clothing has reigned supreme thanks to the resurgence of 90s fashion. From the runway to thrift stores, holographic anything is all the rage. But as we set out on our journey through the stars, the material will become a necessity. It can be seen from light years away so you won’t have to worry about being hit by a rocket when you’re out and about exploring.


Image courtesy of @godsomeware via Instagram.

2. Impractical Eyewear

In space, the creations of avant-garde eyewear brand Godsomeware will be the official eyewear of whatever colony you end up on. Industrial, bohemian, yarn, beads, perspex… This brand blends together all sorts of styles and materials. Granted, these pieces may not be the most practical but who cares when you’re living your best (space) life!


Image courtesy of Dollskill.

3. Gravity-defying footwear

To stand above the rest, you literally need to… stand above the rest! High heels will be left behind on Earth, and only space-worthy footwear will be hitting the road with you. Platform shoes come in all shapes and sizes: clear plastic, rainbow boots, platform sandals etc. And if you really want the crème de la crème of spacey footwear, get your hands on a pair of moon boots. A bulky snow boot fit for astronauts—the clue is in the name.


Image courtesy of VessinA.

4. Spanx, because zero gravity does things to you

We’ve all experienced it—especially in the age of coronavirus. You’re at home, locked down and you don’t have much to do except sit on your sofa, watch Netflix and eat. Before you know it, your jeans are extra snug and your e-boy chiseled jawline has disappeared—they call it the “covid stone”. All that inactivity and eating is the perfect combo for weight gain. And that’s the same thing that’s going to happen on your voyage across the stars because you are going to be stuck inside and there is going to be Netflix and you are going to have to eat. So invest in a pair of spanx because zero gravity does things to you.


Image courtesy of Spaceagebags.

5. Spaceagebags to carry your molecular reconfigurator

An oxygen tank, communicator, teleporter, snacks, and so much more. How? Oh, how will we be able to carry all of this in the endless expanse? An old fashioned rucksack of course! Spaceagebags aren’t just named with the final frontier in mind, they are also designed with form and function in mind. Whether you get yours now or wait until we’re in zero gravity, you’ll always value your space age rucksack.


Image courtesy of Evangelion.

6. Headsets for lip-sync battles

Space travel will give us the opportunity to connect with ourselves and the stars. But, humans are social creatures so we definitely don’t want to lose touch with each other. To do that you’ll need a headset to communicate across The COMMverse. From Space Channel 5’s Ulala to Evangelion’s Ayanami Rei, headsets can be functional and chic, and have proved themselves to be a must-have for the space age.


It is never too early to start planning and even wearing your cosmic wardrobe. Of course, this is not an exhaustive must-have list for space travel, but these items are a great place to start. Leave a comment below if you have any ideas about what else we could take along!


Written by Daniel.


  • 14/11/2020

    love all the holographic things or wardrobe!


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