6 Fashion Trends You Forgot About

Trends are always a wild card! Some are fickle, some are fun, some stay with us. But oops, some we forget about. People are always coming up with the newest ways to spice up their style, reaching for extreme makeup, eccentric shoes, and everything in between. Challenge yourself! Do you remember these 2010s fashion trends?


Nadia Platform Converse

Nadia Platform Converse, an edgy twist on the classic high-top sneaker, that could be spotted on Harajuku kids in every colourway throughout 2010-2016. The most popular were the high-top ivory coluorway, with soles that made the wearer several inches taller. Similar to the popularity of Tokyo Boppers, Harajuku fashionistas are still huge fans of platforms today. Sold by Nadia boutique in Tokyo, they are a versatile yet youthful twist on a classic.


Image courtesy of Tokyo Fashion


Avantgarde Tights

Spare yourself the pain! 2011 Tokyo boutique Avantgarde allowed you to wear tattoos instead, in the form of socks, leggings, and most famously, patterned tights. While some designs skewed classic, such as the Americana inspired tattoos, others embraced the trends of 2011, including neon socks and kitschy flame patterns. Despite closing in 2014, people will always be rocking their tattoo tights.


Image courtesy of Tokyo Fashion


Undereye Blush

“Me no shita chiiku”, exaggerated undereye blush, that was popular on Harajuku models made girls look sickly yet sweet. Embracing the post-cry glow, blush colours ranged from baby pink, to bold crimson. However, some Harajuku models who helped popularise this trend thought of the blush as a way to accentuate higher cheekbones and a youthful flush. Even though it seemed like a unique fad, it calls back to Japanese kabuki and geisha makeup traditions.


Image courtesy of Yahoo


Statement Puffer Jackets

Rising closer to the 2020s, puffer jackets were a popular streetwear statement piece for their futuristic look and textiles. While some used high tech materials and down to protect from snowy days, most used puffers to exaggerate their silhouettes. Celebrities from Rihanna to Kylie Jenner helped popularise them to the point where people powered through the heat for the look. In Harajuku, puffer jackets fit in as part of the popular oversized trend.


Image courtesy of TokyoFashion


Glitter Roots

Paired with space buns, 2015’s glitter roots saw Tumblr fashionistas making their hair appear to grow sparkles. Compared to other trends that might require buying flashy new clothing, this trend was accessible to anyone with glitter and hair gel. Mixing chunky and fine glitter created even more of a gradient effect over grown out roots. Paired with pastel dyed hair, wearers turned into full on unicorns.


Image courtesy of Racked


Hiking Stilettos

Yama girls paired practicality with high fashion, leading to the invention of the Teva hiking stilettos in 2008. These chic hikers, pairing the earth toned stilettos with colourful nylons and wools, aimed to connect functionality for adventures outdoors with an unforgettable style. With a group sole technology, a choice between velcro or buckles, and a four inch heel, these shoes will get you up the mountain but maybe not back down.


Image courtesy of Refinery29


Flower Crowns

Let’s be real, did anyone really forget about flower crowns? Originally a staple of boho wedding photoshoots, they grew into elaborate bouquets adorned by both Coachella goers and Tumblr bloggers. Although may not as loud, out-of-place, and photoshopped-onto -every-favourite-character’s head, flower accents still live on in Cottagecore, embracing grandma chic.


Image courtesy of Sophie & Luna



Written by Selina.

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