5 Streetwear Influencers You Should Follow

The Casual is the go-to YouTube channel for Japanese street fashion with weekly videos on the culture, ultimate shopping guides, and the latest information on street fashion brands. After looking at Reggie’s channel, you may want to delve deeper into the street fashion world—so here are a few influencers and YouTubers to help you break into the culture!


1. Frugal Aesthetic (Youtuber/Instagrammer)

Christian Villanueva (or Christian Vui), makes really entertaining videos that break down the basics of streetwear styles. They’re short and snappy, and easy to understand as he breaks down each “look” into three components—brands, accessories, and mindset. Visit his channel for an intro to techwear, how to pull off a Japanese street-style look, and even how to emulate the style of your favourite celebrities like G-Dragon! He also has in-depth videos explaining the importance of accessories, why you should be investing in certain pieces or brands such as oversized clothing or Nike, and he even covers how to achieve a high-end look without spending loads of money. This wide range of brands, styles, and tips make his channel a perfect place for anyone looking to get into streetwear or to elevate their current streetwear style. His Instagram is a great place for streetwear inspiration, and has a cool urban aesthetic that’s sure to inspire your own posts.



2. PAQ (Youtubers/Instagrammers)

This quartet, based in London, UK, create high quality videos on YouTube that centre exclusively on streetwear. While they don’t focus on Japanese streetwear specifically, the creativity of the looks presented are definitely inspiring and can be adapted to fit your own wardrobe. All four wear completely different styles that all fall under the streetwear category—so you’re sure to find a look you can fall in love with! This team is both versatile stylistically and cohesive. They’ve also got loads of different guests who rotate appearances on their channel and provide even more style tips and inspiration. Each week they take on style challenges such as “styling a girl in street fashion” or creating an all-pink look. Their videos are so much fun to watch because of their dynamic and the positive and fun mindset they have when it comes to streetwear.




3. Shoushi (Instagrammer)

Shoushi blew up everyone’s social media feeds with her innovative Neo Street style. By taking the fit and accessories of 90s fashion (a bucket hat, a massive jumper, and loose fitting shorts) and adding a Harajuku twist, she really made an impact on the scene! The emergence of brands like W.I.A and the popularisation of mixing high fashion (Moschino, Chanel, etc.) and streetwear really allowed for the boom of the Neo Street trend. Her style is constantly evolving and while she doesn’t stick to one regular aesthetic, each of her looks are definitely an embodiment of the Neo Street trend. The mix of styles and creative choices are uniquely Tokyo—you’re definitely not going to find these looks anywhere else. Her bold choices in accessories, colour combinations, hair, and even make-up provide tons of inspiration for your next show-stopping statement look (or just how to amp up some of your own details). Either way, you’re sure to find a lot of statement-making inspiration on her account!




4. Ami and Aya (Instagrammers/Models)

Ami and Aya are identical Japanese twins who have taken the fashion world by storm with looks that are as bold as their hot pink hair. Both of their Instagrams provide double inspiration for amazing streetwear looks that mix patterns and colours to create bold yet sophisticated high-end outfits. They definitely prove that streetwear isn’t just a trend in high fashion but its future, as they pose for shots in high fashion locations like Paris, Rome, and Tokyo rocking Nike sneakers alongside Gucci handbags. They’ve received the seal of approval from many huge streetwear designers such as Moschino’s Jeremy Scott and even celebrities like A$AP Rocky, who is known to rock killer streetwear looks himself.

@amixxamiaya / @ayaxxamiaya



5. Steal the Spotlight (Youtuber/Instagrammer)

Katie Orlowski of Steal the Spotlight is one of my all-time favourite Youtubers not only because of her killer street style but also her mesmerizing editing and bubbly personality. Each of her videos is put together like a work of art, with cool filming, editing and backgrounds that add to the looks and make it even more fun to watch. She’s mainly known for her lookbooks, which often take inspiration from iconic pop culture moments and people, such as the Spice Girls, Clueless, or even the Thank U, Next video by Ariana Grande. Her videos aren’t limited to these amazing lookbooks however, as she also provides tons of inspiration and tips on how to style colour, trends, and : more. She also gives advice about which Instagrammers to follow and brands to check out when you need more inspiration. Her Instagram is an extension of her YouTube account and features bold, colourful looks from a variety of different streetwear aesthetics. Her incredible editing skills and eye for backgrounds are also present on her Instagram; her photos provide tons of inspiration for cool background ideas or fun new photo edits. Overall, her accounts are streetwear heaven and you’re sure to find heaps of new inspiration with each upload.




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Written by Katie Wong

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