5 Spooky Spots to Visit in Tokyo

Japan is known for cute themed cafes and Hello Kitty⁠, but don’t be fooled! Japan is also the same country that gave us terrifying horror classics like The Grudge and The Ring. Nobody does scary better than Japan! And Tokyo has some of the most terrifying restaurants and cafes in the country. So, if you’re up for a scream, check out these spooky hangouts!


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The Lockup

One step inside this restaurant and the hairs on the back of your neck are sure to stand up! In this prison-themed restaurant, your dining table (prison standard stainless steel) is located inside of a cell, and you are served by a waiter in prison guard-chic. The menu includes spider-shaped food, zombie entrails yaki, and test tube cocktails. But stay alert! You never know when a kabuki theatre mask-clad monster is going to try breaking into your cell! Only in Tokyo! This is a spooky spot that makes for equally spooky dining experience!



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Vampire Café

Do you find that your skin blisters in sunlight? Do you shy away from crosses and churches? Are you a fan of films like Interview with the Vampire, Dracula, and—let’s admit it—Twilight? Then, Vampire Café is the place for you! Located in the heart of the upscale Ginza shopping district, Vampire Café is a lavishly decorated must-see hangout! Blood red velvet curtains, grand dining tables, coffins, candles, and skulls adorn this café fit for vampire royalty. And just like royalty, you’re waited on hand and foot. Just ring a bell to summon your vampire slave for an order of blue rare steak with a side of blood soaked salad and satanic ritual!



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Yurei Izakaya

If you want to experience traditional Japanese folklore, visit Yurei Izakaya in the lively Tokyo neighbourhood of Kichijoji. It’s sure to satisfy all your ghoulish needs! At first glance, Kichijoji, a very family-orientated part of Tokyo, may seem like a bizarre place to run a ghost-themed izakaya. But this izakaya, which draws inspiration from ancient Japanese ghost stories, feels more playful in a Nintendo kind of way. Yurei Izakaya is famous for its fun atmosphere with glow-in-the-dark pumpkins and spiders. It’s bizarre menu of eyeballs, pumpkin juice, and cremated spare ribs is a major crowd-pleaser. If you’re for a spooky spot that’s more cute than scary, this is the bar for you!



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Akabane Reien

What Akabane Reien lacks in size, it makes up for in character! This small izakaya⁠, a 2 minute walk from Akabane-Iwabuchi Station, offers an intimate but harrowing experience. Its skull encrusted walls and dim lighting are sure to put you on edge. Contraptions jumping out at you, freshly severed heads falling on you, and sneaky surprises from the owner are sure to have you asking “Was that your hand or mine?” Don’t forget to have a go at karaoke singing, and sample their all-you-can-drink menu!


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Creepy Vending Machine Corner

Located near Akihabara—the home of anime, manga, and video games—this creepy corner is a must-see! These vending machines, nested in a run-down building, are surrounded by hanging wires, rubbish, and ominous warnings! The spookiest part of all are the mystery box machines. Buy a box wrapped in stories of murder and erotica, and get a pack of Kit-Kats and an address for a house in Gifu. Eerie, right? Other oddities sold include plastic insects, bells, tinned meat, bread, and fresh popcorn! While not as trendy as some of the hangouts we’ve talked about, this vending machine corner is definitely a great place to take spooky pictures—if you’re brave enough!


Written by Ash.
Featured image courtesy of Savvy Tokyo.

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