3 Kawaii Bops You Should Have on Your Playlist

Are you always listening to the same five songs on your “Chill” Spotify playlist? I know I am. Well, it’s time for some new music! So, here are some kawaii jams that you should be listening to.


K.O. aka Koala

First up is K.O. aka Koala, the LA native DJ-turned-musician, with kawaii trap single “Mean Gurl”. The single, with the artist’s trademark cute rap style, combines a sing-song heavy bass with a nursery rhyme hook: “I’m a mean girl please don’t try me, Starbucks iced tea, all black Nikes”. Totally relatable and a future anthem for all the kawaii bad girls. The music video is jam-packed with K.O. aka Koala’s signature cyberspace meets Y2K aesthetic.

This is only Koala’s second single, but the musician has been quick to show off her versatility. While her first song “Sadderday” was a much more chilled out sound, “Mean Gurl” goes in hard to amp up the energy.



Up-and-coming rapper, Valknee gained attention earlier this year with the single “Zoom” in which she collaborated with fellow musicians Haruko Tajima, Namichie, ASOBOiSM, Marukido, and Akkogorilla. Rapping about life in quarantine, the music video was completely shot using the popular video chat app of the same name—definitely a great way to pass the time!

In her latest single, “Super Kawaii Oshi”, Valknee invites you into her bedroom. (“Oshi” is fan slang for your “bias” aka your favourite member of a group.) The single, a part of her EP titled “Diary”, chronicles the musician’s attempts to creatively express her feelings about isolation and the pandemic. The lyrics were written to mimic a diary entry and you can totally get that vibe from the music video. From the bedroom set design to the hand-drawn doodles, it’s like we’ve stepped into her Super Kawaii world!


Taeyeon ft. Chanmina

K-pop mega idol Taeyeon of Girls Generation has teamed up with Japanese rapper Chanmina for the song #GirlsSpkOut. Taeyeon, looking to conquer the Japanese charts after a hugely successful tour of Japan, has found the perfect accomplice in Chanmina! The rapper is probably best known for her catchy YouTube hit “Doctor”.

Separately they make great music, but together they’ve produced a song that is proving to be a major bop—with visuals to match! Taeyeon’s vocals are complimented by the smooth groove of the track and Chanmina’s dynamic rapping style. #GirlsSpkOut is the perfect song for a girls night out, so put on your sparkliest make-up and dance the night away!


These are some of our favourite tracks, but what songs do you have on repeat?


Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of Nomnom Korea.


  • 29/08/2022

    Prod Sojiro makes kawaii trap ^-^!

  • 06/10/2020

    I was needed some new songs to listen


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